Welcome to JimmyEatWiki
This wiki is for Jimmy Eat World fans. We encorage user's to add/edit any page as you see fit, though we do have some guidleines and tempaltes to make things easier!

If this is your first time here, check out these pages:

  • Main Page - A defacto directory of the wiki's pages.
  • What Is A Wiki - Info on wikis for beginners.
  • Mission Statement - Why are we here?
  • Community Guidlines - principles to help guide our wiki and what is included in this community!
  • Help - Tips on wiki editing, formatting, and style for both advanced users and beginners.

About Our Wiki

JimmyEatWiki seeks to classify and document everything related to the band Jimmy Eat World.

This is a project of the Jimmy Eat World discord and reddit communities and is hosted by linnix.